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"Hard to describe how deeply your powerful performance affected me. It continues to reverberate. I’ve seen all manner of shocking Holocaust documentaries over the years, been to the extremely moving Holocaust Museum in Washington, and heard myriad angular, bitter musical works based on that horrific event, but your presentation was more achingly personal, more profoundly beautiful than any other I’ve experienced. Your stories were so obviously heartfelt, the singing so consistently passionate, the artwork mesmerizing and thought-provoking. It also amazed me that such exquisite artistic beauty could be engendered from such a nightmare. Thank you."

"Your thoughtful and brilliant presentation last evening brought so many of us to the edge of tears. Thank you for the courage to share the most private of feelings and to break the silence that compelled your fathers to keep theirs after the trauma of war. I hope you will appear again to other appreciative audiences."

"Through art, and song, women seek to understand their fathers’ silence" 
Steven A. Rosenberg

Jewish Journal
March 22, 2018

"Daughters of a Nazi Youth, French Jew look at Holocaust through music, art"
Gloucester Daily Times

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